We Won't Wait is a Declaration

It is also a collaboration among nine organizations that came together to elevate the voices of women of color, low-income and poor women, immigrant women, and young women to call for a policy agenda that promotes economic security and communities that thrive. They invited Eyes Up Here to witness the commitment and solidarity of over 1,000 women who gathered in Washington DC at their national summit, and to tell the stories of their inspiring members and their unstoppable movement. It is a weekend and a group of women that we will never forget!

I’ve worked with numerous video production teams, and Eyes Up Here brings several key ingredients to the table in a way that no one else has: a balance of inspiring vision and flawless execution, the ability to actually take work off your plate during high-stress times, and knowing what you need and want before you do. These skills combine to create a work environment that feels much less like work and more like a true creative endeavor. These folks are master storytellers.
— Alicia Jay, Make It Work & We Won't Wait 2016