The National Domestic Workers Alliance Celebrates 10 Years - Leading with Love

"Domestic Work makes all other work possible." It's true, and we were honored to help this extraordinarily ambitious, innovation member-driven organization tell the remarkable story. It is the story of thousands of brave women from every walk of life, who fight for dignity, visibility in our culture, and equal protections under the law, and fair wages.


Watch the videos, assembled from both original and archival footage, to get a sense of the achievements of these amazing people, and to understand why NDWA is the future. 

"The Eyes Up Here team made magic happen with this project. They were patient and flexible in the face of challenges and innovative and diligent in finding solutions. This production was a true partnership. We highly recommend Eyes Up Here not only for their tremendous work product but the great character of the staff. "

- Kristina Apgar, Creative Partnerships Director